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'''Morondava is a picture-postcard town in the Menabe region in south west Madagascar. In former times Morondava was a centre of the [[Sakalava]] Kingdom and a popular stop-over for sailors. Today the area is rich in sugar and rice farming, while remaining a popular stop-over in particular for tourists travelling to and from [[Tsingy de Bemaraha]] National Park.'''
This is way more helupfl than anything else I’ve looked at.
[[File:Morondava 0102.jpg|600px|none|thumb|Schooner in Morondava]]
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="margin-right:10px;"><tr>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0078.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Nosy Kely]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0082.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Zebu owners]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0088.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Zebu market]]</td></tr>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0065.jpg|189px|none|thumb|[[Big fish]]]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0110.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Zebu cart]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0036.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Zebu cart at sugar cane field]]</td></tr>
As the population has grown in the region the forests have also been gradually cut down, except the baobab trees which the locals has preserved for religious reasons. However, unfortunately deforestation to make way for sugar cane plantations continues in large areas including some of the remaining baobabs.
Morondava can be reached by a 700km drive from [[Antanarivo]]. However, the road conditions in the latter part of the journey, the 120km between [[Miandrivazo]] and [[Malaimbandy]], are especially poor and can take six hours. The entire drive can take between 11 and 18 hours. As such, Morondava is best reached by plane. There are daily flights by [[Air Madagascar]] connecting Antanarivo and [[Tulear]].
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="margin-right:10px;"><tr>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0051.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Schooner]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0010.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Beach at Nosy Kely]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0061.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Beach at Nosy Kely]]</td></tr>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0117.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Morondava from the air]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0060.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Beach at Nosy Kely]]</td>
<td valign="top">[[File:Morondava 0001.jpg|189px|none|thumb|Round rice fields]]</td></tr>
Nearby attractions include [[Kirindy Forest]] (40km northeast), [[Baobab Avenue]] (15km east), [[Belo sur Mer]] and [[Kirindi-Mitea National Park]] (70km south) and [[Tsingy de Bemaraha]] (150km north). Scenic charter flights over the most spectacular areas of [[Tsingy de Bemaraha]] can be booked in Morondava at the [http://www.baobabtour.com Baobab Café]. Available aircrafts are Cessna 172 (max. 3 passengers), Cessna 210 (max. 5 passengers) or Cessna 421 (max. 7 passangers). Air charters elsewhere in Madagascar can also be booked here.
About 12km from town enroute Baobab Avenue is [[Parc Menabe]], a small zoo including a couple of lemurs, a crocodile, various chameleons and a collection of green Malagasy lovebirds. Additionally, this is an ostrich farm set up by a South African expat who brought the ostriches to Madagascar. As such, Morondava may be the only place in Madagascar where ostrich meat can be found on restaurant menus. '''Update March 2010:''' As a likely result of a downturn in tourism, this nice zoo along with the ostrich farm appears to have closed. However, the animals are still roaming around the park area and are being fed by by zoo a keeper.
''Taxi de la mer'' is a boat transfer that runs twice a week between Morondava and Belo sur Mer and which takes about 2½ hours. The price is 50,000 each way. Reservations can be made at the office in the port or at the ''Hatea Café'' on Nosy Kely. Tel: +261 032 0469261. <!-- or email: [mailto:hatea04@yahoo.fr hatea04@yahoo.fr]. BOUNCED! -->
<table width="600" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="border: 1px solid #cecfce"><tr><td>
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-20.290819" lon="44.277091" type="satellite" zoom="15" controls="large">
-20.291705, 44.278121
== Accommodation ==
Morondava offers plenty of accommodation alternatives, ranging from budget backpacker rooms to comfortable beach bungalows. The hotels are either in the town or on Nosy Kely peninsula, a few minutes walk from the town centre.
'''Baobab Café'''<br>
Tel: +261 9552012<br>
Email: [mailto:baobabtours@blueline.mg baobabtours@blueline.mg]<br>
Website: [http://www.baobabtour.com www.baobabtour.com]
'''[[Chez Maggie]]'''<br>
Tel: +261 9552347<br>
Email: [mailto:info@chezmaggie.com info@chezmaggie.com]<br>
Website: [http://www.chezmaggie.com www.chezmaggie.com]
'''Hôtel Les Bougainvilliers'''<br>
Tel: +261 209552163 <br>
Email: N/A
<!-- Email: [mailto:bol_nd@yahoo.fr bol_nd@yahoo.fr] BOUNCED! -->
'''La Piroge''' (about 30km north of town in a small Makao fishing village across a river)<br>
Tel: +261 320778293<br>
Email: [mailto:piroguiers@yahoo.fr piroguiers@yahoo.fr]
'''Les Mantalys''' (near the airport)<br>
Tel: +261 324204877<br>
Email: [mailto:hotelmantalys@yahoo.fr hotelmantalys@yahoo.fr]<br>
Website: [http://www.hotel-mantalys.com www.hotel-mantalys.com]
'''Les Philaos''' (managed by same company as Hotel Central)<br>
Tel: ++261 209552081<br>
Email: [mailto:sica@wanadoo.mg sica@wanadoo.mg]
'''Morondava Beach'''<br>
Tel: +261 209552318<br>
Email: [mailto:mbeach@aic.fr mbeach@aic.fr]<br>
Website: [http://www.hgi-mbeach.com www.hgi-mbeach.com]
'''Hotel Renala'''<br>
Tel: +261 20 9592089<br>
Email: [mailto:renala.sabledor@mel.wanadoo.mg renala.sabledor@mel.wanadoo.mg]
'''Hotel Trecicogne'''<br>
Tel: +261 2095 520 69<br>
Email: [mailto:trecicogne@wanadoo.mg trecicogne@wanadoo.mg]
'''Hotel Le Betalage'''<br>
Tel: +261 9552732<br>
Email: N/A
'''Cheval de Mer'''<br>
Tel: N/A<br>
Email: N/A-->
'''Zoom Hotel'''<br>
Tel: +261 9592059<br>
Email: N/A
'''Hôtel L'Oasis'''<br>
Tel: +261 9552222<br>
Email: N/A <!-- Email: [mailto:vezahabe@dts.mg vezahabe@dts.mg] BOUNCED! -->
'''Hôtel Central'''<br>
Tel: N/A<br>
Email: N/A
File:Morondava 0001.jpg
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File:Morondava 0047.jpg
File:Morondava 0048.jpg
File:Morondava 0049.jpg
File:Morondava 0050.jpg
File:Morondava 0051.jpg
File:Morondava 0052.jpg
File:Morondava 0053.jpg
File:Morondava 0054.jpg
File:Morondava 0055.jpg
File:Morondava 0056.jpg
File:Morondava 0057.jpg
File:Morondava 0058.jpg
File:Morondava 0059.jpg
File:Morondava 0060.jpg
File:Morondava 0061.jpg
File:Morondava 0062.jpg
File:Morondava 0063.jpg
File:Morondava 0064.jpg
File:Morondava 0065.jpg
File:Morondava 0066.jpg
File:Morondava 0067.jpg
File:Morondava 0068.jpg
File:Morondava 0069.jpg
File:Morondava 0070.jpg
File:Morondava 0071.jpg
File:Morondava 0072.jpg
File:Morondava 0073.jpg
File:Morondava 0074.jpg
File:Morondava 0075.jpg
File:Morondava 0076.jpg
File:Morondava 0077.jpg
File:Morondava 0078.jpg
File:Morondava 0079.jpg
File:Morondava 0080.jpg
File:Morondava 0081.jpg
File:Morondava 0082.jpg
File:Morondava 0083.jpg
File:Morondava 0084.jpg
File:Morondava 0085.jpg
File:Morondava 0086.jpg
File:Morondava 0087.jpg
File:Morondava 0088.jpg
File:Morondava 0089.jpg
File:Morondava 0090.jpg
File:Morondava 0091.jpg
File:Morondava 0092.jpg
File:Morondava 0093.jpg
File:Morondava 0094.jpg
File:Morondava 0095.jpg
File:Morondava 0096.jpg
File:Morondava 0097.jpg
File:Morondava 0098.jpg
File:Morondava 0099.jpg
File:Morondava 0100.jpg
File:Morondava 0101.jpg
File:Morondava 0102.jpg
File:Morondava 0103.jpg
File:Morondava 0104.jpg
File:Morondava 0105.jpg
File:Morondava 0106.jpg
File:Morondava 0107.jpg
File:Morondava 0108.jpg
File:Morondava 0109.jpg
File:Morondava 0110.jpg
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File:Morondava 0112.jpg
File:Morondava 0113.jpg
File:Morondava 0114.jpg
File:Morondava 0115.jpg
File:Morondava 0116.jpg
File:Morondava 0117.jpg

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This is way more helupfl than anything else I’ve looked at.