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Maroantsetra is a town on the north east coast of Madagascar overlooking Antongil Bay, which by its 60km x 30km area is the largest bay in Madagascar. Maroantsetra is at the northern end of this bay.

The estimated population of the town and surrounding area is 22,503 (2005).

Maroantsetra is a Betsimisaraka city but inhabited by Antemaroa. Maroantsetra literaly means "many spears" in Malagasy language.

Maroantsetra is the main entry point to the Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve as well as the location of the ANGAP park authority headquarters.

With an annual rainfall of about 5,000mm, Maroantsetra is perhaps the wettest town area in Madagascar. The surroundings have therefore developed a highly diverse and dense forests. The driest months are November and December.

Daily life is determined by agricultural cycles, such as the plantation, gathering, processing and trade of vanilla and other spices.

There is a domestic airport with daily flights 8km from town. The RN5 national road links to the south but is often impassable. The town has a seaport which makes travel to and from Tamatave possible by so-called "boutres". (wooden boats).


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