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The name “MadaCamp” may suggest that this site is mostly about camping in Madagascar, but this is far from the only topic covered here. Instead, MadaCamp is simply stands for everything about Madagascar presented within one website. Anything about Madagascar can be published here and edited by anyone.

To create a new page, point your browser to a location where a page does not necessarily already exist (eg. and click the tab named create to begin editing. If you would like to experiment editing first, go to the so-called sandbox which is a page intended for testing purposes.

To add your own images to this wiki, first sign up and thereafter click on the Upload file link in the toolbox in the left column.

This wiki includes Google Map functionality with a map authoring tool for adding satellite maps to any pages. To create a Google Map, click on the map button button_map_open.gif above the editing box for the map editor to appear. Pan and zoom to the region you wish to display. When done, copy the generated <googlemap>...</googlemap> code into the edit box and save the page. The map editor can also be used to add place-markers, info-bubbles, pathsways and regions onto the map images.

This wiki also allows YouTube videos to be embedded directly on any page, see how to here. For further tips on how to edit a page, click on Help in the toolbox on the left or consult the User's Guide of the wiki software.