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* [[Ankarana National Park|Ankarana]]
* [[Ankarana National Park|Ankarana]]
* [[Baie de Baly National Park|Baly Bay]]
* [[Baie de Baly National Park|Baly Bay]]
* [[Bemaraha National Park|Bemaraha]] rename to Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
* [[Isalo National Park|Isalo]]
* [[Isalo National Park|Isalo]]
* [[Kirindy Mitea National Park|Kirindy Mitea]]
* [[Kirindy Mitea National Park|Kirindy Mitea]]

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Madagascar National Parks was founded in 1990 and officially recognised in 1991. This private non-profit organisation assures the conservation and management of Madagascar's national parks and reserves.

Madagascar National Parks, formally known as ANGAP, is devoted to the preservation of ecosystems in protected areas, the research on biodiversity, environmental education and the initiation of ecotourism. Through an equitable division of the park entrance fees, the association also supports the development of neighbouring villages and regions of the protected areas, which are the first recipients.

In 2010, Madagascar National Parks opened an information counter and shop at the Soarano Train Station in the capital of Antananarivo. This information point can be helpful to tourists interested in visiting any of the national parks.

Terrestrial National Park
Marine National Park
Strict Nature Reserve
Special Reserve

Madagascar National Parks
Immeuble Madagascar National Parks
Ambatobe - BP 1424
101 Antananarivo

Email: contact@madagascar.national.parks.mg
Website: www.parcs-madagascar.com