Le Rossini

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Le Rossini, Isoraka, Antananarivo

Le Rossini is a first-class restaurant occupying an old colonial two storey building in the Isoraka district of Antananarivo, serving traditional French cuisine with fresh Malagasy ingridients.

For starter, try a Salad Rustique or Pomme de terre en Robe Crevettes crabes. As main course, either a delicious Médaillion de zébu or Escalope de volaille sauce vanille will fail to disappoint. For desert, why not indulge yourself in an Ile flottante caramel au miel and therafter enjoy a cigar in the bar lounge with a Congac Camus Napoléon?

The staff is very friendly and service minded and will usually sweeten your bill with a Rhum arrangé of your choice on the house.

Address: Lot IB 79 Isoraka
Antananarivo 101, Madagascar. Tel.: 020 22342 44
Email: rijatolotra@moov.mg