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Le Country Club is a classy tennis club located in Ilafy, about 7 kilometres north of Antananarivo along the road towards Ambohimanga.

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The club is not only open to members. Except for the seven clay tennis courts, non-members can also make use of the facilities, which include the clubhouse restaurant with a terrace overlooking tennis courts, a swimming pool, gym with table tennis and Sunday brunch buffets. Private tennis lessons are also available.

Le Country Club offers a restful get-away from the often stressful and polluted city. The club lies hidden and away from the street in a green oasis with plenty of flowers, shrubs and trees.

The clubhouse is built in traditional Malagasy style with a steep roof and red bricks. Just next to the clubhouse is the swimming pool, ideal for a quick dive after an exhausting match. The seven tennis courts are spread out over the club grounds.

Several times a year Le Country Club organises national and international tournaments. The construction of a golf driving range and some cottages is planned in the future.

Le Country Club is open daily between 8am and 6pm.

Le Country Club
Lot B86B Andafiavaratra Ilafy

Phone: +261 (0)32 84 773 68 (mobile)
Email: jodantana@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Le-Country-Club

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