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Tel : +261 (0)32 28 782 74 (Tsiry) / +261 (0)32 67 270 29 (Maba) / +261 (0)32 02 674 33 (Lala)<br>
Tel : +261 (0)32 28 782 74 (Tsiry) / +261 (0)32 67 270 29 (Maba) / +261 (0)32 02 674 33 (Lala)<br>
Email: [mailto:contact@case-en-falafy.com contact@case-en-falafy.com]
Email: [mailto:contact@case-en-falafy.com contact@case-en-falafy.com]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 053.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 026.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 045.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 028.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 058.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 056.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 016.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 033 v2.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 019.jpg|600px]]
[[File:La Casa en Falafy 061.jpg|600px]]
== Additional information ==
== Additional information ==

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La Case en Falafy Kitesurf is a kitesurfing school run by a team of Malagasy kitesurfers at the hotel and restaurant La Casa en Falafy in the village of Ramena, 18km from Diego Suarez. The location is an ideal starting point for excursions to Emerald Sea and Sakalava Bay, both of which are considered to be amongst the best kitesurfing spots in Madagascar.

La Case en Falafy 053.jpg
La Case en Falafy 026.jpg La Case en Falafy 045.jpg La Case en Falafy 028.jpg
La Case en Falafy 058.jpg La Case en Falafy 056.jpg La Case en Falafy 016.jpg

La Case en Falafy Kitesurf school started in 2015 by Lala, the owner of La Casa en Falafy in Ramena. Lala herself began kitesurfing in 2013 and is the only professional female Malagasy kitesurfer in the country. Shortly after launching, Lala recruited her friend and IKO certified kitesurf instructor Tsiry Razafindrasata. Together with their team of assistant kitesurfing monitors, Stéphane, Maba, Melin and trainee Pam, they organise kitesurfing for beginners and experienced kitesurfers alike.

La Case en Falafy 033 v2.jpg

La Case en Falafy 019.jpg

Kitesurf team with first time kitesurf student from La Réunion: Tsiry (IKO instructor), Audrey (student), Stéphane (assistant monitor), Maba (assistant monitor), Pam (trainee), Melin (assistant monitor).

La Case en Falafy 061.jpg

Lala getting ready for take off at Sakalava Bay.

Call or email, or just come by La Casa en Falafy in Ramena to plan your kitesurfing days ahead. Offered services include:

Rates can be found at kitesurf-casenfalafy.com

La Casa en Falafy with Emerald Sea and Sakalava Bay

La Case en Falafy
Chez Bruno
Ramena - Diego Suarez

Tel : +261 (0)32 28 782 74 (Tsiry) / +261 (0)32 67 270 29 (Maba) / +261 (0)32 02 674 33 (Lala)
Email: contact@case-en-falafy.com

Additional information