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Website: [http://www.talinjoo.com www.talinjoo.com]  
Website: [http://www.talinjoo.com www.talinjoo.com]  
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Fort-Dauphin is located at the south east of Madagascar.
Fort-Dauphin is located at the south east of Madagascar.

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Fort Dauphin, also known as Taolagnaro or Tôlanaro, is a charming and scenic and often windy portal town in southern Madagascar with approximately 43,000 inhabitants. The city offers a fairly wide range of hotels and the inhabitants are accustomed to tourism. There are excellent beaches complete with shipwrecks.

Bezavona pano2.jpg


Nahampoana Reserve

8 rooms available to night visitors of the Nahampoana Park. Comfortable rooms with private bathroom and a shared terrace. Rate: 95,000 Ariary.

Contact: Haritina RAHARINOSY

Tel: +261 (0)34 6505353 / +261 (0)34 1121234

Email: airfortservice@yahoo.fr / airfort@moov.mg

Anita Hotel


8 rooms and 6 bungalows. Located downtown and close to the beach. Bungalow and rooms equipped with TV, wifi, fan.

Rate: 23,000 Ariary / 35,000 Ariary

Contact: Ghina Josiane Aimée RABIAHARIMALALA / Pierrette RATIARIVELO
Email: anitahotel.restaurant@gmail.com

Tel: +261-(0)33 0304952)

Anita Hotel Annexe


Description: 6 bungalows with panoramic views of the lake and Ambinanibe sea. Popular amongst surfers.

Rate: 16,000 Ariary p/person (2014).

Contact: Ghina Josiane Aimée RABIAHARIMALALA / Pierrette RATIARIVELO
Email: anitahotel.restaurant@gmail.com

Tel: +261-(0)33 0304952



Hotel with 7 rooms in the town centre. Rate: From 30,000 Ariary.

Contact: Sirinebano H. RAZAFINDRASOA / Ehmadaly Goulamhoussen

Email: sahil.hotelfd@yahoo.fr

Tel: +261 (0)34 4046169 / +261 (0)331278449



16 spacious, quiet bungalows with shower and toilet, TV, lounge, safe, mini bar, ventilator. Hotel facilities includes a conference room.

Contact: Marie Rose TASOA
Email: robert.deriazy@moov.mg

Tel: +261-(0)32 2757623

Le Nepenthes


Located in the town centre. Room rate: 52,000 Ariary. Bungalow rate: 47,000 Ariary.

Contact: Delphin ANDREAS

Tel: +261 (0)34 6083254

Email: nepentheshotel@yahoo.fr

Le Tournesol


Hotel close the town centre with a panoramic view of Saint Louis peak, garden, rooms with TV, shower and bathroom, minibar. Conference facilities. Rate: 50,000

Contact: Liliane Arlette VAOHITA / Voahirana Anick MIZA

Tel: +261 (0)331 251316 / +261 (0)32 0262037

Email: vaohitarl@yahoo.fr

Ravinala Anosy


Close to the beach and town centre (1km), rooms with TV, hot water, fan. 1 family room. Rate: 40,000 Ariary.


Tel: +261 (0)33 1219765

Email: fravinalaclaris@yahoo.fr

Website: www.ravinala-anosy.com

Gite de Mon Repos


Situated at the entrance of the lagoon and village of Evatraha near to Lokaro Bay and the coast. Standard triple room, solar powered lighting, good fishing. Rate: 55,000 Ariary.

Contact: Patrice FLEURIE

Tel: +261 (0)32 0444431 / +261 (0)32 0566807

Email: fleurievoyage@gmail.com

Website: www.fleurie-voyage.com

Le Local


2 rooms, located close to Libanona beach, with hot water, playground, dry-cleaning service.

Contact: Georges AUTAKLI

Tel: +261 (0)32 4809738

Email: georgesliban@yahoo.fr



A town centre hotel and bar built in the 80s with 27 rooms, 3 bungalows as well as the "Hotel La Marina" annex with 25 rooms. There are standard rooms, suites and a studio with air conditioning, TV, wifi, hot water, mini bar, room safe, laundry service, conference room, Malagasy craft souvenirs.

Rate: 65,000 Ariary.

Contact: Yvonne PIARALY

Tel: +261 (0)34 0523147 / +261 (0)32 0523147

Email: reservation@hotel-lamarina.com

Website: www.hotel-lamarina.com

Tsara Fandray


4 rooms and 6 bungalows in a quiet area 2km from the town the centre. Rate: 16,000 Ariary.

Contact: Blandine RASOAMANANJARA

Tel: +261 (0)331242856 / +261 (0)32 4326794

Email: rasoablandine@hotmail.fr

Mahovoky Annexe


Family hotel in the town centre with 5 rooms facing the sea and 4 rooms facing the road. Close to Air Madagasacar's local office, Bank of Africa, Air Fort Services and the beach at the old port. Rooms at 25,000 Ariary.

Contact: Hery Mbolatiana RANDRIA / Georges Tantely RANDRIA

Tel: +261 (0)34 2149380

Gina Village


10 holiday bungalows located close to the town centre and old port. Rate: 50,000 Ariary.

Contact: Viviane DEWA RAMJEE

Tel: +261 (0)34 1100188

Email: ginavillage@yahoo.fr

Le Port


15 bungalows in the town centre 5 minutes from the beach. Some rooms have sea view and air condition or fan, TV, wifi, close to several bars and clubs.

Contact: Viviane DEWA RAMJEE

Tel: +261 (0)34 1100188 / +261 ()33 1100188



Rooms with terrace overlooking the sea with sunset, satellite TV, minibar, bathroom, air condition, room fan. Facilities include a boutique, Spa and a 25m swimming pool. Rates from EUR 70.


Tel: +261 (0)32 0521235 / +261 (0)34 7137002 / +261 (0)34 0189448 / +261 (0)34 1121234

Email: contact@talinjoo.com / talinjoo@gmail.com / talinjoo@yahoo.com

Website: www.talinjoo.com

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