Baobab Avenue

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Baobab Avenue, or Allée de Baobab in French, is a cluster of very large baobab trees appearing along a gravel road towards Tsingy de Bemaraha about 15 kilometres east of Morondava.

Sakalava woman at Boabab Avenue

The approximately 100 metres stretch appears on many postcards of Madagascar. A tiny village and school which usually welcome visitors is located nearby. The baobab tree is the national tree of Madagascar. The baobab is sometimes said to be an upside-down-tree. In fact, according to ancient Arabic mythology, it is the devil who pulled the tree out of the earth and re-planted it that way.

Baobab Avenue
Baobab fruits (brown/white)
The trunk of a Baobab
Passing truck #1
Passing truck #2
Passing truck #3