Anjahankely-Tsarahovaka trek

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The trek from Anjahankely village to Tsarahovaka village can be a challenging one but nevertheless a beautiful and rewarding adventure. With a couple of breaks the trek will take about ten hours.

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As the heat of the day will soon hit on you it is advised to make use of the very early morning hours. Not only is the air fresh, also the birds are the most active then. After leaving Anjahankely, the trek starts with a relaxed walk under trees and young bamboo. Depending on the season you may want to collect some mangoes which you can have for breakfast at a small natural swimming pool.

Soon thereafter the trail becomes more challenging with steep passages whilst crossing the mountain, following the ... footpath connecting the DIANA region with the SAVA region. After leaving the mountain you continue over a giant open plain with sandy surface and dried out rivers. That’s also the moment you enter the Andrevokely fokotany.

Around midday you arrive at Tsarahovaka, where Madame Mamatorsy will prepare a simple lunch. For those who want to have something special will need to bring it. Lunch may be preordered with Mamatorsy at +261 (0)34 81 308 60. Enjoy your meal and siesta in the village, before starting back to Anjahankely through the heat of the day or continue to the small villages of Apondrabe and Antsabe.

Tour data from Anjahankely to Tsarahovaka

Day: 30th October 2019, 5:23 am
Distance: 13.20 kilometers
Duration: 5 hours
Average speed: 2.57 km/h
Minimum elevation: 49.68 meters
Maximum elevation: 365.76 meters
Total climb: 123.75 meters
Total descent: 405.99 meters

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