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Bike ride following the small trails along the coast starting at a wild camping spot near the village of Analamavaza to Ampasindava in the north of Madagascar.

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Tour data

Day: 31st October 2018
Distance: 33.63 kilometres
Duration: 9 hours, 29 minutes
Average speed: 3.54 km/h
Minimum elevation: 4.57 metres
Maximum elevation: 101.19 metres
Total climb: 305.41 metres
Total descent: 369.72 metres

Places of interest

-12.399173, 49.020657

camping spot
-12.373957, 49.002987

possible camping spot with island view
-12.357652, 48.992004

-12.369548, 49.025354

Mananara Est
-12.344705, 49.040994

-12.320583, 49.079942

lunch break
-12.320604, 49.079974

-12.264205, 49.106527


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