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The small village of Ampefy is located at Lake Kavitaha west of Antananarivo in the centre of Madagascar. The area of Ampefy is characterised by volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination by ANGAP. Volcanoes dating back two million years ago and over 40 lakes of volcanic origin are scattered in a region of 400km².

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Ampefy can be reached by taxi-brousse within a 2.5-hour drive (111km) along the good asphalt road RN2, starting at the taxi-brousse station Fasani Karan just 10km outside of Tana. A ticket to Analavory, from where the road to Ampefy splits, costs 10.000 Ariary. The remaining 10km from Analavory to Ampefy are a good walking distance, passing the various small villages of Miadanarivo, Antanikatsaka, Miarikofeno, Maromena and Ankorndrano.

Beside the typical food market, post office, library and a souvenir shop, Ampefy itself has no main attractions. Two cinemas show French films in intervals. Several hotels varying in style offer accommodation for the so-called Tana-Tourists as well as for the Vazaha's. Almost all restaurants are specialised in seafood due to the abundance of fish from the nearby lakes.

The climate in this region is relatively cool throughout the year. Almost all surrounding hills and mountains have been completely deforested and made available for farming by the Merina people. Everywhere farmers can be seen working on their fields, mainly growing tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, avocados, manioc etc. Green rice fields reach the marshland and shores of the lakes.

Attractions around Ampefy


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