Ambatolampy is a town in the Antananarivo province 68 kilometres from the capital. In 2005 the population was 26,549. Ambatolampy literally means the "town at the foot of the rocks". Ambatolampy serves as a starting point for hikes to the peak of Tsiafajavona, which at 2,642 metres is the third highest mountain in Madagascar.



Ambatolampy is renowned for being the repair centre of taxi-brousses and its many aluminium workshops making cutlery and cooking pots. Some workshops specialise in the production of "football games" featuring top international teams, where players are made of aluminium and hand-painted, with a pine-wood frame and even a payment system designed to insert coins.

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  • Le Musée des Papillons (the Butterfly Museum) - 6000 species of insects and butterflies from around the world
  • La Ferme de Morarano d'Ambatolampy - organic farm with permaculture, no-till agriculture, rare plants, distillery of essential oils
  • La Cigale and Mygale (the Nature Museum)
  • Tsinjorivo - a historic site built by Queen Ranavalona 46km from town
  • The Ankaratra Massif offers some excellent treks and trails
  • Zebu market
  • Trek to the peak of Tsiafajavona


Hôtel Antsaha (27 bungalows)

Au Rendez-vous des Pêcheurs
Tel: + 261 (0)20 4249204

La Pineta
Tel: +261 (0)20 4249302

Manja Ranch
Lot B 153
Tel: +261 (0)33 1199370 or +261 (0)32 0464867


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