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''Accommodation in Ambanja':'
== Accommodation in Ambanja ==
'''Hôtel Palma Nova'''
'''Hôtel Palma Nova'''

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Ambanja is a largest town within the disctrict by the same name in north Madagascar. The population here is measured at approximately 30,000. Located along a beautiful river, Ambanja is also enroute Nosy Be and approximately 20 km from Ankify harbour, where boats to Nosy Be and Nosy Komba departs.

Accommodation in Ambanja

Hôtel Palma Nova

Hôtel Patricia

Hôtel Bougainvilleas


La Timonière
Tel: 086 935 32 or cellphone 032 41 172 75 / 032 02 379 09
Email: alimalatimoniere@yahoo.fr