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Lake Ravelobe

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'''Lake Ravelobe, also known as Lac Ravelobe, is a sacred lake located in the [[Ankarafantsika National Park]], north 115 kilometres south of [[Mahajanga|Majunga]] in the west of Madagascar.'''
The lake is a true paradise for birders, as there are fantastic bird watching opportunities. Amongst the birds which can be observed are:
* ''Dendrocygna viduata'' - [[White-faced whistling duck]]
There are also Nile crocodiles living in the lake.<br><br>
== Legends about Lake Ravelobe ==
Ravelobe was a Malagasy patriot who participated in World War II. Back home, he asked the French colonists to administrate the cantonment of Ambatoboeny, but his request was denied. He then formed a group of rebells in the ''garafantsy'' ("hill of thorns"). From there on, Ravelobe and his followers robbed travellers and bypassers.<br><br>
The crocodiles of Lake Ravelobe are considered sacred. Every year zebus are sacrificed to these crocodiles, which have a specific name: ''mampisento'' - "that is sighing". The story of the mampisento crocodiles dates back to the days of [[King Andriamisondrotramasinarivo]] of the [[Marambitsy]] lineage (Sakalava ethnic group, originating from Mitsinjo), who out of pride, not wanting the annexation of the [[Merina]] to his territory during the reign of [[Radama I]] (1810-1828), threw his family and himself into the lake. A gatekeeper of the king declined to follow his master into suicide. Shortly after he died, a crocodile appeared at the shore of the lake and spoke strangely in the voice of the gatekeeper and its sigh was for all those who saw it.<br><br>
Until today the lake is sacred and pork is not allowed in the area, as the Marambitsy were Muslims.<br><br>
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Lake Ravelobe (Lac Ravelobe)

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