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Kartiffa Hotel

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'''The Kartiffa Hotel is a small hotel located in [[Diego Suarez]] (Antsiranana) in the north of Madagascar. In 2009, the former office building was completely renovated and now offers comfortable accommodation to customers who are looking for a quiet place to stay throughout their visit of Diego and its surrounding area.'''
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The hotel is named after the owner Toto's two children: Karl and Tiffany. The two-storeyed building offers wonderful views over the Diego Suarez Bay, the world's largest natural bay. Kartiffa has a total of 12 standard rooms (51,000 Ariary per night) and 2 family suites (71,000 Ariary per night). Each room has air-conditioning and is equipped with a 4-poster bed with mosquito net, private bathroom with toilet and shower/bathtub, satellite TV and refrigerator. The rooms on the top floor have a balcony, the rooms on the ground floor have a small terrace with seating area.

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