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The laboratory was founded in 2021 by Olivier Ratsimbaholison, an entrepreneur from [[Antananarivo]] with a degree in natural sciences. Prulab is the first independent vanilla laboratory in the region offering fast and accurate analysis to exporters and other vanilla operators in the [[SAVA]] region to help them determine the quality and price of their products.
The time to complete an analysis takes approximately between one and two days and the cost for each sample analysis is 80,000 Ariary, which includes a certificate of vanillin and humidity contents.
The service is also available to vanilla importers in foreign countries wishing to have products tested and compared prior placing orders with one or several vanilla producers in Madagascar. For an additional administrative fee, Prulab will collect samples from the exporting companies and independently submit the test results to the vanilla buyer in the importing country.
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The time to perform an analysis takes approximately one day and the price for each sample analysis is 80For further information,000 Ariary which includes a certificate of vanillin contact Olivier Ratsimbaholison and humidity contents.his team in Sambava at:

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