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Anjahankely Tree Nursery

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A visit to the tree nursery combined with a stay at [[Black Lemur Camp]] will indirectly help save the critically endangered ''[[Perrier's sifaka]]'' black lemur and other species.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-12.913059" lon="49.31949" zoom="18" controls="large" div style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">{{#display_map:-12.913059, 49.31949~[[ImageFile:Anjahankely_Tree_Nursery_018.jpg|left|150px|link=|link=]]<br>'''Anjahankely Tree Nursery centre'''~~;|type=satellite|service=google|width=auto|height=400|zoom=18|controls=pan, zoom, type, scale|copycoords=yes}}<br/div'''GPS coordinates:''' 12°54'47.0"S 49°19'10.2"E</googlemap>
The tree nursery employs five full-time staff but during planting periods the whole community from surrounding villages participate in the reforestation activities. The Anjahanakely Tree Nursery project makes a perfectly good example of how conservation can best be done by actively engaging a local population.

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