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Anjahankely Tree Nursery

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A visit to the tree nursery combined with a stay at [[Black Lemur Camp]] will indirectly help save the critically endangered black lemur species and as well as support the local villages in the area.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-12.913059" lon="49.31949" zoom="18" controls="large" style="width:100%;max-width:600px;">
-12.913059, 49.31949
[[Image:Anjahankely_Tree_Nursery_018.jpg|left|150px|link=photo.cgi?Anjahankely_Tree_Nursery_018.jpgAnjahankely_Tree_Nursery]]'''Anjahankely Tree Nursery officecentre'''<br>12°54'47.0"S 49°19'10.2"EAnjahankely Tree Nursery

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