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Anjahankely Tree Nursery

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'''Anjahankely Tree Nursery is a tree planting initiative set up to protect and preserve the environment and its wildlife in the Andrafiamena-Andavakoera Protected Area of north Madagascar.'''
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Additionally, various palms and ''Dracaena'' trees are planted for decoration purposes at and around Black Lemur Camp. The camp, which supports the tree nursery since it was established in 2008, employs staff mostly mainly from Anjahankely and nearby villages which supports the livelihoods of the villagers and inspires a culture of preservation that profits from the forest's protection rather than its destruction.
''For further information, donations and/or visits, contact:''
Prisca Olinirina NANJARISOA<br>
''Botanist & Taxonomist''<br>
Diplome dEdudes Apprfondies d'Etudes Approfondies (DEA) en Biologie et Ecologie Vegetale - Faculte des Sciences - University de Antananarivo<br> '''Anjahankely Tree Nursery'''<br>
Madagascar<br clear="all">

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