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Maroantsetra Antalaha trek

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=== Day 1 ===
'''[[Maroantsetra]] - [[Andranofotsy]] - [[Farankaraina Tropical Park]] - [[Navana]] - [[Anjahana]] - [[Mahalevona]]'''<br>
After a night at Hotel Le Coco Beach in Maroantsetra we walked in the early morning hours a bit less than 4km <!-- 4392 steps --> through the small town to the river where the pirogues to Andranofotsy leave from. It Along the way to the "harbour" we stopped at the market to have some breakfast. For our relatively large pirogue we paid 12,000 Ariary for three people and left around 8.20am. There were also cheaper pirogues available, but we would have to wait until one is filled with passengers.
[[File:Mahalevona 013.jpg|600px|link=Mahalevona]]
For the next 1 hours hour and 20 minutes, it was a very pleasant, relaxing pirogue ride with amazing scenery along the many small river arms of <i>[[Andranofotsy River]]</i>. Around 9.40pm we arrived near Andranofotsy.
<HTML5video type="youtube">uRc7S9Cl11Y</HTML5video>
Now the actual walk started, following the coastline with views of [[Nosy Mangabe]] in [[Antongil Bay]]. Once we reached inland we passed [[Farankaraina Tropical Park]], which we visited for a short trek through the rainforest. For those who are not in a rush, we recommend to spend more time in this park and stay over in one of their bungalows.
Around noon we arrived in Navana and had some lunch in one of the small restaurants. 4km later we arrived in Mahavelona, passing Anjahana along the way. Before entering Mahavelona there is a beautifulvalley with rice fields and a mountainous background, as if out of a movie set. In Mahavelona we stayed at [[Hotel Malala]]. After we checked in we went for a swim in the river. In the evening we had a very delicious dinner in the restaurant of our hotel.
=== Day 2 ===
[[File:Tanambao 007.jpg|600px|link=Tanambao]]
After 1 hour we reached Tanambao, another 1 hour and 20 minutes later Fizono and from there about 1 hour and 45 minutes later our final destination Ankovana at noon. Ankovana is a very small village with very basic accommodation. After a chat with the woman renting out rooms at [[Hotel Centrale Ankovana]] she invited us to stay at her private house next door for 5,000 Ariary per person. We accepted her invitation and were rewarded with a huge dinner (rice, fried egg, boiled vegetables and cucumber salad). Happy and with a full stomach stomachs we fell asleep.
=== Day 3 ===
After leaving the park we reached Ampokafo at 11.45am Ampokafo, where we found a bed for the night at [[Hotel Esperante]]. A short stroll from the village we enjoyed our obligatory a refreshing bath in the river. Thereafter we discovered the village and found a shop with a cinema behind. The owner agreed to recharge our camera batteries whilst showing a film in the evening. We just had to pay for the diesel.
=== Day 4 ===
[[File:Ambalaharongana 038.jpg|600px|link=Ambalaharongana]]
As it was Sunday, we walked the last few kilometres together with hundreds of kids which who left their villages for a week of school in Antalaha. As the distances are too long to walk back and forth each day, the kids stay throughout the week in the citytown. After 63,086 steps we finally reached Antalaha just after sunset, exhausted but happy and very proud! It was a great feeling to have been able to answer with "YES" when being asked at the borders of the city if we came from Maroantsetra and to see the admiration in the eyes of askers!
''And without a doubt - we will do the walk again!''

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