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The main building with the a restaurant and terrace on the ground level has four rooms upstairs with balcony balconies in addition to eight bungalows with double beds. All rooms have bathroom/WC, air-conditioning/fan and TV. The rooms in the main building are named Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York. The hotel includes some decoration with American memorabilia , and while the President of Maison Blanche is a Malagasy entrepreneur who also runs an import business and who knows how to manage a good team , he prefers to liken himself to Obama rather than Donald Trump.
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The popular bar and restaurant which can seat up to fifty guests has a TV-screen above the bar , making it a regular meeting place for guests to watch live sporting sport events.
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'''Given the high quality of food and friendly service at Maison Blanche, there is always the a risk that the service staff will make you want to stay longer than you‘ve planned!'''
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