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Razia Said

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'''Razia Said is a Malagasy born musician who lived in Madagascar until age of seven. She currently lives in New York where she performs regularly. Her latest music collection, Zebu Nation, was inspired by a return visit to her country and , is a fusion mixture between western and Malagasy sounds and rhythms. The lyrics of songs such as "Mifohaza"''Mifohaz'', meaning ''Wake up'' in Malagasy language, sends a clear message to the world about the ongoing environmental destruction that is happening in Madagascartoday.'''
'''β€œIt's time to put our petty differences aside and do something about the more pressing issues facing the future of our beautiful country.”'''
''From within the CD sleeve of Zebu Nation 2010:''<br>
Two years ago, I returned to Madagascar and was privilidged to meet some amazing local musicians. They inspired me to make an album in Malagasy, my native tongue. It was my chance to reconnect in a deeper way with the music of my country. During the same trip, I realised Madagascar is in trouble. Our forest and fauna are dying. Our nature is crying out for immediate help. The new album now became not just about re-discovering a musical heritage, but also about drawing attention to the plight of our country's natural resources. Zebu Nation was born to spread a message of hope with the medium of music. Zebu Nation is aimed at bringing people and musicians together for a real need. It's dedicated to our children's future. A deep thanks to all the people who walked with me on this long path and helped to make Zebu Nation a reality. Jamie Ambler Cheick Cisse, Zohary Adele, Achille Razafindramosa, Tsiry Fy-Tia Solofomihanta, Riri, Victor Randrianary, Mimi Arianala, Odilon Ranaivoson, Lauren Flanegan, Nili Belkind, Hasina and Chita. Find our more by visiting [].
Razia will perform in Madagascar, [[Antananarivo]], at the [ Angaredona Festival] on 21st September 2010.
== Further information ==
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* [ World Music Central reviews Zebu Nation] January 2010
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