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Preloaded GPS routes
'''Madabike are stable and lightweight mountain bikes available for rent in Madagascar with optional add-on side panniers and front box, GPS, tent tents and solar panels.'''
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The bikes are currently in [[Diego SuarezSambava]] and available to rent on a daily or weekly basis. For further information, call +261 (0)34 391 9376.
rechargable eneloop batteries
== Preloaded GPS routes ==
'''SAVA region'''
* [[Vohemar to Sambava_by_bike|Vohemar to Sambava]] - 150 kilometres
* [[Sambava to Farihy Ampasimbato by bike|Sambava to Lake Ampasimbato to Sambava]] - 49 kilometres
'''Diego Suarez'''
* [[Diego Suarez to Ramena by bike|Diego Suarez to Ramena]] - 18.19 kilometres
* [[Madiro Kitamby to Cap Diego via Windsor Castle by bike|Madiro Kitamby to Cap Diego via Windsor Castle]] - 21.24 kilometres
* [[Ampasindava to Diego Suarez by bike|Ampasindava to Diego Suarez]] - 38.62 kilometres (including ferry from Cap Diego to Diego Suarez)
* [[Diego Suarez to Cap Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Cap Diego]]- 46.2 kilometres* [[Diego Suarez to Mantasaly by bike|Diego Suarez to Mantasaly]] - 20.92 kilometres* [[Diego-Ambanja-Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Ambanja to Diego Suarez]] - 506.94 kilometres* [[Diego-Sambava-Diego by bike|Diego Suarez to Sambava to Diego Suarez]] - 846.17 kilometres* [[Diego to Ampasindava by bike|Diego Suarez to Ampasindava]] - 32 kilometres* [[Diego to Joffreville by bike|Diego Suarez to Joffreville]] - 32.67 kilometres  '''Ambilobe to Diego Suarez'''* [[Ambilobe to Bobasakoa by bike|Ambilobe to Bobasakoa]] - 67.91 kilometres* [[Bobasakoa to Bobakilandy by bike|Bobasakoa to Bobakilandy]] - 37.34 kilometres* [[Bobakilandy to Analamavaza by bike|Bobakilandy to Analamavaza]] - 36.37 kilometres* [[Analamavaza to Ampasindava by bike|Analamavaza to Ampasindava]] - 33.63 kilometres* [[Ampasindava to Diego Suarez by bike|Ampasindava to Diego Suarez]] - 38.62 kilometres (including ferry from Cap Diego to Diego Suarez)  '''Ambanja'''
* [[Ambanja - Ankify - Doany - Ambanja by bike|Ambanja - Ankify - Doany - Ambanja]] - 52.14 kilometres
* [[Ambanja to Ambilobe by bike|Ambanja to Ambilobe]] - 102.84 kilometres  '''Ambanja to Beangona at the Sambirano River and back to Ambanja'''* [[Ambanja to Bemaneviky by bike|Ambanja to Bemaneviky]] - 30.74 kilometres* [[Bemaneviky to Marotolana by bike|Bemaneviky to Marotolana]] - 30.74 kilometres* [[Marotolana to Beangona by bike|Marotolana to Beangona]] - 14.32 kilometres* [[Marovato to Andranomandevy by bike|Marovato to Andranomandevy]] - 24.30 kilometres* [[Andranomandevy to Ambanja by bike|Andranomandevy to Ambanja]]   '''Nosy Be'''* [[Nosy_Be#Nosy_Be_Airport_to_Hell-Ville_by_bike|Nosy Be Airport - to Hell-Ville]] - 12.23 kilometres* [[Container_Bar#Hell-Ville to Container Bar and back to Hell-Ville by bike|Hell-Ville - Container Bar - Hell-Ville]] - 4.83 kilometres
== Other bike tour tours ==
* [[Ferry cycling Madagascar 2014]]
* [[Diego to Tana by bike]] June 2019
== Photos ==

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