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Perle de la Baie

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'''Hotel Guesthouse ''Perle de la Baie'' is located in a quiet area downtown [[Diego Suarez]], close to the harbour and [[Joffre Square]]. The turquoise painted, multi-storied house offers five rooms and one studio to guests. The ground floor of the house is the home of the owners Claire and Juvet and their kids.'''
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Perle de la Baie is overlooking the world's second largest natural bay with 180° views onto [[Cap Diego]], [[Windsor Castle]] and [[Ramena]] in the far distance. The hotel guesthouse has three rooms (street view) on the top floor, sharing a large living room, verandah, kitchen, toilet and shower. Two downstairs rooms (bay view) come with shared toilet, shower and kitchen area. The furnished studio (bay view) can be rented on a monthly basis. All rooms are equipped with quality mattresses and mosquito nets. The prices for the rooms are between 15€ and 18€ a night, the studio costs 300€ a month.
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