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Madagascar Cloves

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Clove's main ingriedient, euganol, is a bioactive compound with anti-bacterial, fungicide, anticeptic, antioixidant, anaesthetic and analgesic effects. It is furthermore used in aromatherapy, pharmacy, human and veterinary medicine including dentistry, toothpaste... Euganol can however be toxic in relatively small doses. A dose of 5-10ml has been reported to be nearly fatal for a two year old. Additionally, clove oil can be used as an ant and mosquito repellent.
Clove is classified in three categories depending on harvesting and intended use: CGI - "Hand pick", CG2 - "Prima", CG3 - "Courant" (ordinary), which applied applies to non-food use, such as the Indonsian ''kretek'' industry.
== Additional information ==

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