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Madagascar Cinnamon

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The export of Madagascar cinnamon was temporarily paused in the mid-1990s due to over-harvesting by which the complete stems and roots were removed. As farmers have since been taught sustainable cinnamon farming methods, not to harvest the complete tree with its roots, enough cinnamon trees have recovered and the export ban was lifted and production and export resumed. In 2011, Madagascar produced 2,300 metric tons of cinnamon, approximately 1.1% of the world production. While cinnamon grows in many areas in Madagascar, the most producing regions are [ Atsinanana] and [ Analanjirofo].
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Madagascar’s cinnamon grows best in sandy soil, where the tree can grow up to 15 metres in its natural state, but which is cut earlier for harvesting. Harvesting is usually done after the rainy season while the bark is moist and rich in flavour and essential oils. Only the inner bark of the tree is used for the spice.
* - history, health effects etc.
* - Botanical name of the Ceylon cinnamon plant
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