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Madagascar Cinnamon

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Madagascar's and Ceylon cinnamon alike should not be mixed up with Cassia, Cinnamomum aromaticum, commonly known as Chinese cinnamon. It is easy to tell the difference between Madagascar and Chinese varieties. Madagascar is sweet, citrusy and delicate in flavour compared with Chinese Cassia cinnamon, which is stronger, more intense and slightly bitter. The bark of Cassia is also strong and rough while Madagascar cinnamon is smooth and paler in colour, crumbly (easy to break) and roll up like a newspager from one side, whereas Cassia cinnamon usually curls inwards from two sides with a hollow tube.
There are many other types of cinnamon but only four commercial types: In addition to Ceylon and Cassia, there are also Saigon and Korintje, however, the latter two are also classified as Cassia. There is also Mexican cinnamon, but it's in fact Ceylon or the Madagascar variety. Mexican cinnamon only gained its name because they import Mexico imports so much of it. To add to the confusion, additional names for Ceylon/Madagascar cinnamon is Real Cinnamon, True Cinnamon, Dutch Cinnamon and Sweet Cinnamon.

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