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Maroantsetra Antalaha trek

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=== Day 3 ===
'''[[Ankovana]] - [[Ambatolaidama]] - [[Ambohimarina_(Masoala)|Ambohimarina]] - [[Ampokafo]]'''<br>
To avoid the heat of the day we started our walk as usual around 6am. The scenery is similar to the one the day before. However, the highlight is the short walk through [[Park Ambatolaidama]]. At the park entrance the trail starts at an elevation of 375m and goes up to 542m at the exit. The maximum 90 minutes walk through the Masoala forest is steep, humid and very slippery on wet days. The forest is filled with the sound of numerous birds.
[[Ambatolaidama]] (Entrance to [[Masoala National Park]])
[[Ampokafo]] (3rd night at [[Hotel Esperante]])

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