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Marofinaritra - Masoala coast

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'''The small village of Marofinaritra is located on the east coast of the Masoala Peninsula, about 500 metres inland from the sea. This Marofinaritra is not to be mistaken with the village of [[Marofinaritra]] located near [[Antalaha]].'''    ''maro'' - "many" ''finaritra'' - "well, happy" 
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This The village name Marofinaritra is not to can be mistaken translated with the village "lots of [[Marofinaritra]] located inland healthy" or "lots of the Masoala Peninsulahappy". ''Maro'' in Malagasy means "many, lots" and ''finaritra'' means "well, happy, healthy".
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'''Additional information'''<br>
* View all [[Marofinaritra - Masoala coast photos|Marofinaritra photos]]
* [[Maroantsetra_Antalaha_trek_around_the_Masoala_peninsula|Maroantsetra Antalaha trek around the Masoala peninsula]] - The small town village of Marofinaritra lies on the path sneaking around the Masoala Peninsula.

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