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'''The larger harbour village of Vinanivao is located in a bay on the south-east coast of the Masoala Peninsula. From Vinanivao boats leave direction [[Cap Est]] in the north or [[Cap Masoala]] to the south, or even around the peninsula until [[Maroantsetra]].'''
{| class="imageTable"
|[[File:Vinanivao 059.jpg|196px]]
|align="center"|[[File:Vinanivao 058048.jpg|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:Vinanivao 041051.jpg|196px]]
|[[File:Vinanivao 005.jpg|196px]]
* long stretched harbour Along the main road of the village, boats coming from/going to Maroantsetrathere are many small shops and market stalls selling all kind of needy things (food, clothes, mobile phones, hardware, bike repair, farming and cooking utensils, liquor shops, ...). Vinanivao has a primary school.
* located in a bay next to a river[[File:Vinanivao 040.jpg|600px]]
* Vinanivao lies at the mouth of a river entering the sea. This is also where the village got its name from: ''vinany = '' means in Malagasy "the estuary of a river at the sea / " and ''vao = '' is the Malagasy name for a fish.
* many small shops and market stalls along Just outside the main road selling all kind of needy things (food, cloth, mobile phones, hardware, bike repair, farming, cooking utensils, liquor shops, ..harbour there are islets in the bay.)
* Primary School[[File:Vinanivao 054.jpg|600px]]
* A very basic hotel with bungalows and a restaurant is located directly at the harbour. For those seeking a quieter place for a more relaxed sleep there is a better hotel on the outskirts of the village (see photos): A 10-minute walk from the harbour along the road direction [[Antalaha]] leads to an enclosed property (on the right side of the road) with 10 simple but clean bungalows and shared cold water bucket shower/toilet. In 2015 the price for a night was 10,000 Ariary.
* better hotel is a 10 min walk out of the village direction north along the road to Antalaha{| class="imageTable"|-|colspan="3" | [[File: 10 bungalows, shared cold water shower/toilet, 10,000 Ariary (2015)Vinanivao 076.jpg|600px]]|-|[[File:Vinanivao 077.jpg|196px]]|align="center"|[[File:Vinanivao 009.jpg|196px]]|align="right"|[[File:Vinanivao 011.jpg|196px]]|}
* from here From Vinanivao transport via motorcycle motorbike direction Antalaha is available (. These motorbikes are called ''moto rapid) - towards direction Antalaha, '' with usually 3 three people on one bike .
* small islands in the bay<div style="max-width:600px;">{{#display_map:-15.883826, 50.274647~'''Vinanivao'''~~;|type=satellite|service=google|width=auto|height=400|zoom=14|controls=pan, zoom, type, scale|copycoords=yes|icon=}}</div>
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="-15.883846" lon="50.275739" zoom="14" controls="large">-15[[Vinanivao]] lies north of [[Antanambao_(Masoala)|Antanambao]] and south of [[Anovandrano]].883826, 50.274647Vinanivao</googlemap>
'''GPS coordinates'''<br>
17m elevation
== Photos ==
View all [[Vinanivao photos]]
== Additional information ==
'''Additional information'''<br>* View all 7 days trek from [[Vinanivao photos]]* [[Maroantsetra_Antalaha_trek_around_the_Masoala_peninsulaMaroantsetra Antalaha trek around the Masoala peninsula|Maroantsetra to Antalaha trek around the Masoala peninsula]] - The small town of Vinanivao lies on the path sneaking around the Masoala Peninsula.

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