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Maroantsetra Antalaha trek

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Open Questions
'''How to get to Maroantsetra?'''<br>
For sure the easiest and fastest way to get to Maroantsetra is via by plane.
Air Madagascar flies several times a week between Maroantsetra, Antananarivo,
Tamatave, Antalaha and Sambava. It is recommended to buy a ticket well in advance,
as the planes are ususally usually quickly booked up.
The RN5 connects Maroantsetra with the south. It is possible to take a car from
Mananara, but the road is in a very bad condition, making a drive almost impossible
especially throughout the rainy season. It is definately definitely safer and maybe even quicker to walk by foot from Mananara to Maroantsetra. The third alternative is to come by an occassional cargo boat (boutres) from Tamatave.
The third alternative is to come by sea with an occasional cargo boat ''(boutres)'' from Tamatave.
'''How many days does it take to trek from Maroantsetra to Antalaha?'''<br>

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