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Maroantsetra Antalaha trek

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Day 1
== 5-day Trek June 2014 ==
=== Day 1 ===
'''[[Maroantsetra]] - [[Andranofotsy]] - [[Farankaraina Tropical Park]] - [[Navana]] - [[Anjahana]] - [[Mahalevona]]'''<br>
After a night at Hotel Le Coco Beach in Maroantsetra we walked in the early morning hours through the small town to the river where the pirogues to Andranofotsy leave from. Along the way to the "harbour" we stopped at the market to have some breakfast. For our relatively large pirogue we paid 12,000 Ariary for three people and left around 8.20am. There were also cheaper pirogues available, but we would had to wait until one is filled with passengers.

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