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Fort Dauphin

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Fort-Dauphin is located at the south east of Madagascar.
Fort-Dauphin is blessed with its biodiversity richness. From the costal region, you can see the littoral forest, mangroves, beautiful beaches and creeks. As you enter into the land, the vegetation changes into a humid forest and behind the mountains, you discover the dry forest. If you like to observe nature, Fort-Dauphin is the best place to see all the landscapes. You will be at the forefront to see the lemurs, turtles Geochelone radiata and reptiles as well as discover endemic plants whose triad palm, Nepenthes (pitcher plant) and baobabs ... from one site to another, wonder .
Fort-Dauphin is not only known for its biodiversity richness, it has also a great historical value. In fact, it is the cradle of the history of Malagasy colonization. It was also the place where Portuguese landed for the first time in Madagascar, where to locate Zafiraminia, Arab immigrants who arrived in the island in the twelfth century, a place founded in honor the Dauphin Louis XIII, the future King of France, the starting point of the first settlements of the island Bourbon (now La Réunion)... Discover all its history at Fort Flacourt Museum.
To make your stay as authentic immersion in rural areas is required. Visit the sites of historical curiosity, discovery habits and custom, oral history, experience and daily life in the villages and participate in local events and entertainment.
Your stay will be marked by the smile and hospitality of the people.
For the more adventurous, you'll be spoiled for choice between surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. For lovers of hiking, climbing the Saint Louis Peak will be offered. At the top, enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Fort-Dauphin.
If you have only one day, do not miss our essential: Market Tanambao, the city center, the old harbor, the bay of Anse Dauphine, Fort Flacourt Museum and Libanona Beach for a swim in peace.
On site you can enjoy high quality oysters and seafood including lobster which is the gastronomic reputation of Fort-Dauphin.
See you soon at Fort-Dauphin! [1]

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