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Mitsio Archipelago

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The Mitsio Archipelago consists of a dozen small islands and is located about 50 kilometres north-east of [[Nosy Be]] and 30 kilometres off the mainland of Madagascar. The archipelago is an excellent diving and snorkelling destination, with some of Madagascar's best dive sites.<br><br>
'''== Islands of the Mitsio Archipelago'''==
* [[Nosy Mitsio|Nosy Mitsio (La Grande Mitsio)]]
* [[Nosy Ankarea]]
* [[Nosy Toloho]]
* [[Quatre Frères]] islets with [[Nosy Beangovo]], [[Nosy Betalinjona]], [[Nosy Antsoha]] and [[Nosy Betanihazo]]
== Photos of Mitsio Archipelago ==

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