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'''Antsohihy (pronounced antsooee) is the capital of the Sofia and Antsohihy district, within the larger Mahajanga district of northern Madagascar. Antsohihy can be translated into "where there are sohihy" - a tree of the Rubiaceae family, once widespread in the region and mainly used for shipbuilding.'''
From Antsohihy travellers can continue their journey in all points of the compass: [[Ambanja]] to the north (217km paved road in good condition), [[Antananarivo]] to the southwest, [[Bealanana]] to the northeast, [[Befandriana]] to the southeast , [[Port Bergé]] to the south and [[Analalava]] to the west (79km paved road).
Antsohihy is connected inland with the River Loza that joins a waterway some 50km leading to the ocean, past various villages and finally Ananalava at the mouth of the river, an isolated coastal village which during wet periods is only accessible by boat or light plane. The river port is located about two kilometres from the Antsohihy town centre and the trip takes between 5 hours and half a day.
The people of Antsohihy live from forestry, trade and transport activities. Collection of seafood (mud crabs, sea cucumbers, shrimp) from Analalava and Bay Narinda. In 2005, the town of Antsohihy had about 20,000 inhabitants.
Antsohihy has an airstrip that is serviced by [[Air Madagascar]].
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