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Nearby attractions include [[Kimony Beach]] (2½ hour walk), [[Kirindy Forest]] (40km northeast), [[Baobab Avenue]] (15km east), [[Belo sur Mer]] and [[Kirindi-Mitea National Park]] (70km south) and [[Tsingy de Bemaraha]] (150km north). Scenic charter flights over the most spectacular areas of [[Tsingy de Bemaraha]] can be booked in Morondava at the [ Baobab Café]. Available aircrafts are Cessna 172 (max. 3 passengers), Cessna 210 (max. 5 passengers) or Cessna 421 (max. 7 passangers). Air charters elsewhere in Madagascar can also be booked here.
About 12km from town enroute Baobab Avenue is [[Parc Menabe]], a small zoo including a couple of lemurs, a crocodile, various chameleons and a collection of green Malagasy lovebirds. Additionally, this is an ostrich farm set up by a South African expat who brought the ostriches to Madagascar. As such, Morondava may be the only place in Madagascar where ostrich meat can be found on restaurant menus. '''Update March 2010:''' As a likely result of a downturn in tourism, this nice zoo along with the ostrich farm appears to have closed. However, the animals are still roaming around the park area and are being fed by by a zoo a keeper.
''Taxi de la mer'' is a boat transfer that runs twice a week between Morondava and Belo sur Mer and which takes about 2½ hours. The price is 50,000 each way. Reservations can be made at the office in the port or at the ''Hatea Café'' on Nosy Kely. Tel: +261 032 0469261. <!-- or email: []. BOUNCED! -->
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