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Andry Rajoelina

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On 31 January 2009, violent protests close to the palace resulted in the National Guard firing upon and killing several demonstrators. Rajoelina thereafter declared himself in charge of Madagascar and requested for President Ravalomanana to resign from his position. Rajoelina was subsequently sacked from his post as Mayor of the capital. As a result of the killings, the military no longer fully supported Ravalomanana. On the 18 March, Ravalomanana was ousted by public protests and the presidential palace was stormed by the military. The next day he handed over his powers to the military, who in turn handed over control to Mr Rajoelina.
At 34 years Rajoelina is the youngest president in Madagascar's history. The previous constitution had set the limit for presidents to minium 40 years. Nevertheless, Rajoelina took the post and has wowed to fight corruption, change the constitution, and introduce demoratic elections latest by March 2011October 2010.
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