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Nosy Mangabe

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Alternatively, a trip can be arranged by [ Rakoto Vazaha] - local guide who is highly recommended. There are no permanent inhabitants or accommodation on the island, except for a camp site for biologists, researchers and visiting tourists. There are trails but they are often slippery.
The island has a history of trading and piracy. At Plage des Hollandais (west on the north coast) there are rock carvings by Dutch sailors dating from the 16th or 17th century and a more recent shipwreck. The island has also served as a quarantine for sick sailors. The highest point is 332 metres and close to the summit there are some tombs. There is a lighthouse, a waterfall and a beach on the island. A two-day pass costs 15,000 ariary payable at the park office directly on the island.

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