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Ambalavao (New Valley) is a town in the central highlands of Madagascar with a population of 31,000. The town has the largest zebu market in Madagascar where herdsmen come to sell their cattle after walking their zebu herds from virtually all parts every part of the country. The zebu market is takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays and can be found on a hill approximately 1km south along the RN7 road. Ambalavao is also the centre of [[Antaimoro]] paper making.
[[Andringitra]] park borders the north edge of the town where an WWF office provides information and guides.
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Trano Gasy, meaning traditional Malagasy house, is a guesthouse in style of traditional housing of the [[Betsileo]]style, entirely made of materials from the country. It has eight quiet rooms overlooking the Andringitra National Park.
'''Note:''' This guesthouse is located in [[Namoly Village]] approximately 45 km outside of Ambalavao.
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