Riaan Manser paddles around Madagascar

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8 July 2009:

The South African adventurer Riaan Manser is the first person to have paddled around Madagascar in a kayak. Riaan arrived in his Paddleyak at Toamasina (Tamatave) beach on 8th July 2009, after having cruised the last couple of kilometres along the Pangalanes Canal.

Riaan Manser in paddleyak.jpg

The approximately 5,000 km journey around the world's fourth largest island, also known as the sixth continent, began about 11 months ago in Tamatave. Additional information on Riaan's adventures can be found in the previous post titled Round the Outside.

  Equipment onboard
  • Kayak, built by Paddleyak - a special sea-going vessel customised to combine speed, comfort and storage  
  • Garmin GPS with sea chart software
  • Motorola communication devices (incl. satellite phone)
  • Sony VAIO Laptop
  • Sony Digital video and photo cameras
  • Solar blanket panels for charging equipment
  • Shimano fishing equipment
  • First Ascent clothing

Further information, interviews etc., contact:
Seamus Reynolds
Africanborn Media
Tel: ++27 82 886 5727
Email: seamus@africanborn.com
Website: africa365.co.za

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