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My name is Nico. I am local tour Operator in Masoala Madagascar specialized in Masoala National Park. I worked with different travel agencies as a guide and worked with different lodges in Masoala as guide, sharing my knowledge of wildlife and cultures. And now Iwould love to offer you different tours in Madagascara, Masoala Peninsula and Nosy Mangabe and Makira. R.N.5 adventure by 4×4, trekking to Cap Est, trekking to Tampolo,Marojejy National Park, Ankarna , Tsingy , Baobaba avenue, Isalo, Ranomafana, Andasibe national park, Pangalans , Saint marie, are can be well organized, group tour ,honeymoon trip, single travelr can be well organized If you are booking Nico Tours Masoala- Madagascar Local Tour operator you are booking directly your guide who gonna share his knowledge of fauna and flora, cultures, history, for all of your tour here in Madagascar.

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Nico Tours Masoala
Lot T3 64 Tanambao

Tel: +261 (0)34 21 685 85 (mobile) or +261 (0)32 86 953 64 (mobile)

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