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Navana is located near Maroantsetra in the Bay of Antongil (also called Helodrano Antongila) on the north east coast of Madagascar. Navana is a traditional Betsimisaraka village. Its inhabitants live from cultivating rice and vanilla as well as fishing.

Traditional house in Navana village

Navana is the last accessible village by boat before heading into the nature in the direction of Antalaha. Starting in Maroantsetra, it is also possible to reach Navana by foot or even bicycle. After a 90-minute pleasant pirogue ride along small streams and canals one arrives in Andranofotsy. From thereon a good foot path named Route National 5 follows the coastline of the bay with nice views onto Nosy Mangabe. Thereafter the path diverts into the native forest, passing the Farankaraina Tropical Park, home of the rare Aye-eye lemur. The walk from Andranofotsy to Navana takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Women near the market
General store
Women near the market
Traditional hairstyle
Traditional house
Girl of Navana village

Navana is a very long stretched village with many well stocked shops, a market place, several basic hotels and a large school. The scenery around the village is dominated by rice fields and banana trees. At the sandy beach of Navana there are several granite boulders, similar to the beaches of the Seychelles.

View onto the bay of Navana
River flowing into the bay
Path direction village
Farmers returning from the fields
Rice paddy outside Navana
Young boy on the way to the market


GPS Coordinates
S 15°24.650'
23m elevation